To mobilize the youth, to act towards ensuring the right to quality education for every child in India. We believe in moving beyond the traditional approaches and providing parents and children with choice. We aim at freeing children and India from the shackles of ignorance and poverty.


To help each child open her/his mind towards the light of learning


We inculcate an overall development of a disadvantaged child including his/her academic as well as non-academic development. We do not just aim to help a child in getting a good education but we also aim to prepare him/her as a responsible citizen of this country.


1. By Providing Access of Education to the Disadvantaged Children

Education Voucher Programme: Under this programme, we support a disadvantaged child to get a quality education in a school, so as to imbibe in him/her the basics that an individual must be familiar to led his/her life in an effective manner.

RTE-25% Facilitation Programme: This programme facilitates the underprivileged families access to a good school around their nearby location, where they can let their children study and get a quality school education as per the provision of 25% reservation in private schools for children from socially –economically backward communities under Right to Education Act 2009.

Budget School Programme: This programme is designed in order to provide a quality education to the rural segment children who cannot afford to study in a good school as the educational expenses are quite high there. This programme enables such children to afford a quality school education at very low costs being affordable to them.

URGE Programme: This programme is named as Unlimited Resources for Generating Excellence and intends to set up a room in every far off village of Jharkhand, equipped with library, computer, electricity and other basic resources so as to help the underdeveloped to get connected with the developed.

2. By Imparting Life-Skills Education to the Disadvantaged Children

Srijan Bachpan Programme: It is a tool used to help an underprivileged child visualize the inbuilt capacities within him/her. Play way methodologies of sessions help a child understand the ethics of leading a life. This programme appraises the personality and other skills of a child so as to enable him/her to face any situations in life. This is a comprehensive regular programme with 2-3 sessions per week encompassing life-skills training pertaining to overall personality development of children. Health –hygiene-cleanliness, art-craft, financial education, understanding society & surrounding etc are some of the major thematic areas apart from various components of life skills covered under this programme.

3. By Sensitizing Energetic Youths to become Change Makers

YUVA Programme: This programme is related to our energetic youths who have a capacity to bring about the changes in any situations. College going youths are being capped with various sort of valuable ethics so as to make them understand their responsibility towards this country and the society they are living in. This programme follows the principle of leading the ignited minds (youths) of this country into a proper defined and focused path.

HAST Programme: A special programme to connect the privileged with the underprivileged. The adolescents/youths are encouraged to raise something for those who are in need, so as to bring everyone in the same page.



  • We are a Registered organization under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, at Ranchi, Jharkhand and eligible to work in any part of India.
  • We have 12 A certification from Income Tax Department, Government of India.
  • We have 80 G certification from Income Tax Department, Government of India.
  • We have FCRA registration from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.
  • We are registered in NITI Aayog of Government of India.



  • The Srijan Bachpan programme has been selected and featured in Youth Solutions Report 2019. This solution has found a place out of 4300 solutions submitted from around 174 countries in the world.
  • Has been awarded as Jharkhand Ratna by All India Human Rights Association.
  • Has been given a letter of appreciation by Gandhi Smriti Darshan Samiti (Ministry of Culture) for the honest utilization of project funds.
  • Has been given Kumudini Award by Rotary Ranchi-South.