In the process of getting educated, lack of good resources has been found to be the reason for incomplete education most of the times and at most of the places. In Jharkhand, one of the prime reasons for areas being underprivileged is the prevailing Naxalism in those areas. Education, employment and other life supportive are absent in these areas due to which the generations suffer one after another. Since underprivileged areas have their own limitation of resources which they cannot cope up without a proper guidance and support. Pratigya, in its new initiative, sensitized the villagers about the importance of being educated and skilled. So, with the help of the whole village a room has been set up, which is meant for all. Children can use the room for their education resources whereas youths and adults can use the same room for becoming skilled. The room is equipped with computer facility, sewing machines, internet connectivity, etc so that they can be helped out for their need. In this initiative, Pratigya has undertaken the method of sensitizing the community and get that sort of room set up by them only. The organization believes that this method of setting up a center will always let the people feel the value of room since it would be set up by their own contribution and labour.



Our achievements in last 3 years:

  • Pratigya has been able to set up two permanent URGE centers with the help of Punjab National Bank which helped the organization in terms of infrastructure like book shelves, books, desks, benches, etc.
  • The URGE center at Chandapara, Khunti (rural) is acting like a combined study for the children, as there is no electricity in the village households, so the children gather in this center everyday evening for their studies.
  • The Gram Sabha (village governing body) has fixed up 15th of every month as a meeting day for discussing on topics related to education of village.
  • Pratigya also run movable libraries in Ranchi and Khunti by the help of Pratham Books. Movable library are beneficial for those areas where the organization doesn’t have a permanent center.
  • Through URGE programme, Pratigya has been able to give access to books to more than 700 children.