HAST (Helping And Sharing Together)...

An Initiative Connecting Privileged with Underprivileged

A large number of children from socially and economically backward families especially living in urban slums and rural communities in a state like Jharkhand are one of the most vulnerable children of the Indian society. Despite the “N” no. of government sponsored schemes and a considerable amount of dedicated civil societies’ effort towards ensuring the basic right of children, a large no. of children are still left out of the mainstream fold. And the consequence is that cases of child  labour, street children, child beggary, orphans, children with substance abuse, malnourished children, out of school children (due to various reasons) etc are substantial in number and life of these children are at extreme risk. Children with various forms of disability and severe illness in these communities hardly have access to basic health care, support and treatment and many a times they get devoid of the various available services in absence of information and facilitation support. Lack of awareness, Illiteracy and acute poverty does not allow parents to search for the available facilities for the support, care and rehabilitation of these children and hence these children are forced to suffer lifetime. Though there are many organizations both government and civil society which are working to provide support and care to  these vulnerable children, but their reach is limited and they have not been able make themselves known to these communities nor these communities have awareness and accessibility to these institutions. There is a huge gap of information and facilitation.

Pratigya as a civil society organization, trying to uplift these underprivileged children and their families through providing an access to quality school education, that is creating sensitization among them. From last 12 years a number of such children who might have walked into a different path leading to a non-peaceful or unbalanced life, are now enrolled into reputed educational institutions for higher studies with a vision to achieve some specific goal(s). 150 children are accessing a good quality school education every year and 700 children are enrolled in the informal educational sessions of the organization where they are learning life-skills to change their way of living and acting.

So, in order to reach more and more number of such children Pratigya needs a combined support of people belonging to privileged section too. And reaching the privileged families is not an easy work for an organization. It needs a committed team of people who can understand the importance of it. Young college going people would be the best resource for this objective. Youths have an enormous energy within themselves by the help of which they can make impossible things possible.